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Citizenship and Immigration Canada has made significant changes to streamline the steady flow of immigrants. The changes included reduced professional categories for skilled immigration as well as caps for immigrants in various categories.

In Canada there are four categories of immigrants: family class (closely related persons of Canadian residents living in Canada), economic immigrants (skilled workers and business people), other (people accepted as immigrants for humanitarian or compassionate reasons) and refugees (people who are escaping persecution, torture or cruel and unusual punishment).

Currently, Canada is known as a country with a broad immigration policy which is reflected in Canada’s ethnic diversity.

We can help you with just about any Canadian immigration matter:

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Visiting Canada
  • Studying in Canada
  • Working Temporarily in Canada
  • Sponsoring your Family
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Canadian Citizenship (Adults)
  • Canadian Experience Class

Why You Want to Use An Experienced Canadian Immigration Lawyer

The Canadian federal and provincial governments are constantly updating their programs to ensure that Canadian immigration is a pleasant experience for both for newcomers and for Canada. With many options to choose from, Niren & Associates Law Firm can help you determine what your best options are for Canada immigration.

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